Medical Center Athletic Club Court Reservations

Click on a date to create a new reservation on that date.
Click on a reservation to delete an existing reservation. (You can only delete your own.)
DateCourt 1Court 2
Sunday 10/25/20    
Monday 10/26/20    
Tuesday 10/27/20    
Wednesday 10/28/20    
Thursday 10/29/20    
Friday 10/30/20    
Saturday 10/31/20    
Sunday 11/01/20    
Monday 11/02/20    
Tuesday 11/03/20    
Wednesday 11/04/20    
Thursday 11/05/20    
Friday 11/06/20    
Saturday 11/07/20    
Sunday 11/08/20    
Monday 11/09/20    

The number (in parentheses) at the end of each reservation represents the number of days in advance the reservation was made. This value is used to assure that reservations are made in accordance with the Court Reservation Rules.

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