Mid-Town Squash Box League (www.boxleague.com/mtac/)

Format: Individual league for all players of any skill level. Boxes consist of 4 to 5 players. Matches are against each player in your box & must be completed by the last day of that month.


Box winner (highest point total) will move up a level. Player with the lowest total will move down a box; however players joining/leaving the league will affect this downward movement. At coordinator’s discretion, multiple players may move down based on lowest point totals.

Players must complete at least one of their matches to be automatically included in the next month’s box. Player can continue in the box league, even if he/she did not play any current month’s matches, only by joining up again using the website “signup or drop out” link. Players may join or drop out of the box league by using the website link. Players rejoining should note the box they previously played in although placement in that box cannot be assured.

New players competing in their first box and easily winning their matches may request movement up to a higher box more commensurate to their skill level. This must be done before the end of the month using the “signup or drop out” link. Post message stating why and indicate where you competitively play. Movement up is based on availability of a slot in the higher box.

All box league and city league matches are considered challenges and will be automatically entered onto the Mid-Town and SquashRochester challenge ladders. Players must play at least one match per year to remain on the club ladder.

International softball rules are to be followed.

User Names & Passwords: Go to "modify your personal info." link. Click. Then click on "password?". Go to bottom box, enter username (normally first initial/last name...e.g. jsmith for John Smith) and then click "email me my password".

Reporting Scores: Winner is responsible for entering the match score onto the website using the “submit box score” link. Score must be entered before midnight on the last day of the month!


Scoring is based on 7 points available per match with 1 point to each player for playing and 5 points awarded for game wins.

Matches are scored as follows:

3-0 results in a 6-1 point distribution (winner gets 6 of course)

3-1 results in a 5-2 point distribution

3-2 results in a 4-3 point distribution

No points awarded for defaults or no-shows.

Ties broken by head to head match result.

Box Posting: New box will be posted on the website by the 3rd of each month.

Cost: None!

League Coordinator: Karl David