GVC Squash Box League results as of 2014-09-04

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BoxNamePhonePointsMatch Scores
1Thomson Chew 288-1184H, 298-6984 C0X___
1Kevin Burns454-0596H0_X__
1Jack Fitzpatrick248-8169H, 546-9880W0__X_
1Chris Fenlon737-60210___X
2Alex Whitaker321-19510X_
2Alec Greaves-Tunnell582-16790_X
3Rudy Small248-38330X__
3Nick Greaves-Tunnell582-16790_X_
3Eliza Calihan389-09590__X
4Kate Calihan389-09590X_
4Matt Lampeter586-71460_X
5Mary Jo Gabel271-00512X

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